Annual Report 2016

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Site characterisation services in practice

Hong Kong international airport

The design and construction of major infrastructure projects call for reliable and accurate data. Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, built in the late 1990s on reclaimed land, is expanding to include a third runway. The Airport Authority selected Fugro to carry out the necessary site characterisation investigations.

Asset integrity services in practice

Virtual network model

Network Rail, operating over 32,000 kilometres of track, has contracted Fugro to survey its network throughout the United Kingdom to optimise its maintenance and track renewal operations. In 2016, Fugro supplied 3D rail information for more than 2,500 kilometres of network for the Great Western Route modernisation project.

Site characterisation in practice

Five year site investigation campaign in Mozambique

In the uncharted waters of Northern Mozambique, Fugro recently completed a five year site characterisation campaign for Eni S.p.A.. The aim of the campaign was to map the sea floor and the geology beneath it and generate a ground model to assist with the engineering phase of the development of the recently discovered gas fields.

Site characterisation services in practice 

New nuclear power station

This year, Fugro was involved in the site characterisation programme for the proposed construction of a new nuclear power station at Moorside. It is one of the largest site characterisation contracts to be awarded in the United Kingdom as a single package. The award recognises Fugro’s unique ability to deliver integrated data for major developments.

Asset integrity services in practice

Construction support Hebron oil field

In December 2016, Fugro was involved in the mating of the topside facilities (living quarters and drilling and production facilities) to the concrete gravity base at the Bull Arm construction site. This was done by floating two barges in a catamaran formation over the base structure.

Asset Integrity services in practice  

Monitoring of meteorological conditions

Late 2016, Statoil contracted Fugro’s NorthStar integrated data acquisition software solution, supported by a pool of experienced technical personnel, for an eight year duration. Displays of real-time and historical data will be hosted by Fugro and accessible to all users on the Statoil network via Fugro’s web-service via PC, smart-phones and tablet devices.

Site characterisation services in practice

Gas hydrate research project in China

Fugro was commissioned by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (GMGS) for a major gas hydrate field investigation in the South China Sea in 2016. Gas hydrates, “frozen” gas-water solids resembling ice, may be an important source of future energy. Fugro scientists and engineers aided GMGS’s gas hydrate research group to design and execute a successful exploration program.

Asset integrity in practice 

3D model of client’s infrastructure

Owners and operators of oil and gas processing facilities need up-to-date information on their assets in order to plan and execute maintenance programmes in a safe and efficient manner. Currently used by several oil companies in Europe and the Middle East, Fugro’s SITE-SPOT solution delivers detailed threedimensional information.

Site characterisation in practice   

Hornsea offshore wind farm

Over the last ten years, Fugro has been very active in site characterisation for offshore wind farm developments. Since 2014, Fugro has been involved in one of the largest seabed investigation campaigns in the history of the offshore wind. DONG Energy’s Hornsea Project One, scheduled to go into operation by 2020, will be the world’s first gigawatt scale, far from shore, wind farm.


The downturn in our largest market, oil and gas services, continued unabated in 2016, with negative impact on work volumes and prices.

We adapted our capacity and cost base, further strengthened our market positions and reorganised to serve clients better and more efficiently, while achieving satisfactory results in our building & infrastructure and power related activities. As a result, further supported by disposals, we again generated substantial cash flow from operating activities after investments and significantly reduced net debt.


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